Check out some of raaza's recent work.

A platform for minting avatars on Ethereum mainnet for use in the BeyondHuman web3 open world survival game.

On-chain, generative SVG NFT art built entirely in-house at raaza offering glimpses of psychedelic alien landscapes. The artworks are generated 100% by code on the Ethereum blockchain, with no pre-existing visual elements. Just launched at NFT.NYC 2023!

An NFT mint portal for generating AI NFTs using OpenAI's DALL-E, Thirdweb, Pinata, Next.js and React. Publishes to zkSync Era Mainnet.

Randomly generated music and art NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Custom software built by raaza generates music and visuals based on inputted rarities. Stems from an original track + its remixes are recombined and mastered to form 3030 fully coherent musical compositions. TraxxStemz was built by raaza in collaboration with TokenTraxx and TommyD, with remixes by Flux Pavilion, Calyx & TeeBee, Paul Woolford and Oden & Fatzo.

raaza is involved in the production and delivery of seminars and conferences by the Finimize investment insight service, including the annual Finimize Crypto Summit.  Finimize was acquired by abrdn asset management in 2021.

On-chain, generative NFT art platform that allows user to preview, configure, and mint artworks composed of colourful, animated stripes. A React dApp interacts directly with the Ethereum blockchain, and the creation algorithm, input parameters and the artwork itself are stored 100% on-chain written in Solidity,  zero backend. raaza built the entire DynaStripes product.

A custodial cryptocurrency wallet with support for dozens of tokens and coins with features like multi-sig, account recovery, and more. raaza was involved in the build of the Trustology TrustVault mobile app. Trustology was acquired by BitPanda in 2022 and became BitPanda Custody.

raaza has been involved in the delivery of dozens of apps for clients like Just Eat,, The Guardian, Triller, The Times, MTV and more. raaza also builds its own, in-house apps, some of which can be seen here.

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